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Published date: 18 February 2021
Last edited date: 18 February 2021
Open opportunity – This means that the contract is currently active, and the buying department is looking for potential suppliers to fulfil the contract.

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Contract summary
• Auction services – 79342400
• Auction organisation services – 79957000
Location of contract
England, Wales, Northern Ireland
Value of contract
Procurement reference
Published date
18 February 2021
Closing date
22 March 2021
Closing time
Contract start date
1 August 2021
Contract end date
31 July 2023
Contract type
Service contract
Procedure type
Open procedure (OJEU)
Contract is suitable for SMEs?
Contract is suitable for VCSEs?

HMRC require multiple contractors on a regional basis which includes six regional lots to supply auction services.

Lot 1: North of England (North East, North West, Yorkshire and The Humber)
Lot 2: Midlands (East and West Midlands and the East of England)
Lot 3: South of England (South East and South West)
Lot 4: London
Lot 5: Wales
Lot 6: Northern Ireland

The auctioneers carry out an auctioneer services including professional advice, auction planning and removal & storage of goods.

The requirement supports HMRCs debt management strategy to recover debt. The auctioneers provide a valuable service to help HMRC recover debt.

This requirement will be met by an eSourcing event using HMRC SAP Ariba. Please can you ensure you are registered with the HMRC SAP Ariba to gain access to the procurement tender documentation when it is released which will contain full details of the requirement.

If you are not already registered, the registration link is:

As part of the registration process you will receive a system generated email asking you to activate your SAP Ariba supplier account by verifying your email address. Once you have completed the activation process you will receive a further email by return confirming the ‘registration process is now complete’ and providing you with ‘your organisation’s account ID’ number. If an email response from HMRC is not received within one working day of your request, please re-contact (after first checking your spam in-box) notifying non-receipt and confirming when your registration request was first made.

Once you have obtained ‘your organization’s account ID’ number, please email and copy in with your account ID number. Once you have complied with the foregoing you will receive an e-mail confirming access to the procurement event once it is built. Further information about HMRC’s procurement tool SAP Ariba, a Suppliers Guide and general information about supplying to HMRC is available on the HMRC website: If you have already registered on SAP Ariba then you may also need to re-register on HMRC’s SAP Ariba in order to be added to the event.

Should you choose to take part in this Tender Exercise, your responses to the Tender Exercise will be evaluated based on the following weightings:

Selection Questionnaires- 0%
Social, Environmental and Innovative Characteristics- 10%
Technical Merit (Schedule 2.1- Services Description)- 30%
Technical Merit (Management Activity)- 10%
Technical Merit (Security Management)- 10%
Service Requirements (Information Only)- 0%
Cost- 40%

PLEASE NOTE: The Clarification Period for this tender will be open from 13:00PM on Thursday 18th February 2021 until 17:00PM on Thursday 4th March 2021. You MUST send your Clarification Questions via the messaging portal on Ariba and not via email.

More information
·         2 1 Framework Paragraph 2 1 (Specification and KPIs) 210216.docx
·         Technical specifications
·         England and Wales Specification
·         2.1 Framework Paragraph 2.1 (Specification and KPIs) N.Ireland 210216.docx
·         Technical specifications
·         Northern Ireland Specification
·         1. HMRC Tendering Instructions 201230.docx
·         Bidding documents
·         HMRC Tendering Instructions
·         SAP Ariba Supplier Guidance.pdf
·         Bidding documents
·         SAP Ariba Supplier Guidance
·         Bidding documents
·         HMRC SAP Ariba Registration Portal
Additional text
England and Wales Structure:

-For the purposes of identifying the Areas for which Auctioneer services are required, the Buyer will use Postcodes.

-The Postcodes covered by each area are outlined below:

-Lot 1 Requirements:

Auctioneer Services requirements which are specific to North of England.

Group 1 (BB, BL, CA, CH, DH, FY, L, LA, NE, PR, SR, WA, WN, TD),

Group 2 (BD, DL, HD, HG, HX, LS, TS, WF, YO),

Group 3 (CW, HU, M, OL, SK,)

-Lot 2 Requirements:

Auctioneer Services requirements which are specific to Midlands.

Group 1 (B, CV, DY, HR, TF, WR, WS, WV),

Group 2 (DE, DN, LN, NG, S, ST),

Group 3 (CO, IP, CB, PE, NN, LE)

-Lot 3 Requirements:

Auctioneer Services requirements which are specific to South of England.

Group 1 (AL, CM, HP, LU, MK, SG, SS, WD),

Group 2 (BA, BS, GL, OX, SN, SP),

Group 3 (BH, DT, PO, SO),

Group 4 (BN, CT, GU, ME, RG, RH, SL, TN)

Group 5 (EX, PL, TA, TQ, TR)

-Lot 4 Requirements:

Auctioneer Services requirements which are specific to London.

Group 1 (BR, CR, DA, EC, SE),

Group 2 (E, EN, IG, N, RM),

Group 3 (HA, NW, UB, W, WC),

Group 4 (KT, SM, SW,TW)

-Lot 5 Requirements:

Auctioneer Services requirements which are specific to Wales

Group 1 (CF, LD, NP, SA),

Group 2 (LL, SY)

-This Framework Agreement for Auctioneer Services provides the opportunity for Suppliers to apply for one or more Lots as specified above.

-It is the buyer’s intention to award contracts based on Groups of postcodes area within the Lots to separate Suppliers.

-Suppliers intending to bid for Lots and their associated Group postcode area contracts should select their preferred postcode areas in Schedule 3 Charges and Invoicing.

-Postcode groups within Lot will be allocated to Suppliers based on their ranking in terms of their overall score for their proposal, preferences will then be awarded based on the Supplier with the highest ranking who has not already been awarded a group within that Lot.

-Although it is the buyer’s intention to award contracts based on postcode area to separate suppliers, the buyer retains the right, at its discretion, to award multiple postcode area Contracts to any individual Supplier (or group of companies where two or more suppliers are within the same group of companies).

Northern Ireland Structure:

-Lot 6 Requirement:

Auctioneer Services requirements which are specific to Northern Ireland.

-For the purposes of identifying the Lot for which Auctioneer services are required, the Buyer will use the Postcode areas:

Group 1 (BT).

-Each Lot will be made up of a number of Postcodes areas will be bundled together to make the group within each Region/Area and it is the intention of the Buyer to assign these groups to an individual Supplier.


How to apply
Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.

About the buyer
Contact name
Jordan Warran
5W Ralli Quays
3 Stanley Street
M60 9LA

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Closing: 22 March 2021, 3pm

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