Young Person Supported Accommodation Framework
Derby City Council
Published date: 24 May 2022
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Contract summary
• Health and social work services – 85000000
• Other community, social and personal services – 98000000
Location of contract
East Midlands
Value of contract
£0 to £65,249,600
Procurement reference
Published date
24 May 2022
Closing date
24 June 2022
Closing time
Contract start date
1 September 2022
Contract end date
31 August 2027
Contract type
Service contract
Procedure type
Other: Procedure under the Light Touch Framework
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Derby City Council (the Commissioner) is undertaking this procurement process on behalf of D2N2 to establish a flexible Framework for the supply of Supported Accommodation for Young People.

Overview of Requirement
The Framework will run alongside four block contracts separately commissioned by each Local Authority within D2N2. This Framework will be used to commission placements when a block contract is unable to meet a Young Person’s specific requirements or has reached full capacity.

Supported accommodation placements will improve Young Person’s skills in the following areas:

• Sustaining a tenancy
• Managing a budget
• Engaging in the local community
• Understanding how to access further support
• Gaining independence skills 

The Framework will provide high quality, good value, supported accommodation for D2N2’s Young People in care and care leavers. The Framework will require the Contracting Authority and the Provider to work in together to ensure supported accommodation is available when required and meets each Young Person’s individual needs. 

The key objectives of this Service shall be to: 

• Provide Young People with accommodation and support at the point of need.

• Provide supported accommodation where Young People feel safe, are protected from harm and safeguarding risks, and understand the consequences of risk-taking behaviour. 

• Prepare Young People for sustainable independence through the provision of individually tailored support in high quality accommodation. 

• Provide well trained Support Workers who will form strong, positive relationships with Young People to support them on their journey towards independence. 

• Provide stable and consistent accommodation and support to prevent frequent placement moves and the unplanned departure of Young People from their placement.

• Improve value for money by reducing the Contracting Authority’s reliance on high-cost individual placements.

• Achieve positive outcomes for Young People. Please see Section 2.4 of this specification for further details.

Bidders MUST already have the Accommodation requirements in place at the time of submitting their Bid.

The service and accommodation requirements are further detailed further in Part 3 Specification of the ITT documents.

The following Contracting Authorities will be able to call-off from the Framework:
Derby City, Derbyshire County, Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County

LOT 1 – Solo Provision with Intensive Support
LOT 2 – Shared Provision with Intensive Support
LOT 3 – Solo Provision with Visiting Support
LOT 4 – Shared Provision with Visiting Support

The deadline for the submission of Tenders is 10am on 24 June 2022.
Documents are available at 
Please search for TD1742
Please note: we will only accept expressions of interest through the e-tendering system.

More information
·         Bidding documents
·         E-Tendering System
Additional text
The subject matter of this procurement process relates to the delivery of services which are listed to in Chapter 3, Section 7 to the PCR 2015 regulations. As such the full regime set out in the regulations will not apply to the award of the Framework Contracts. Consequently, the procurement process adopted by the Commissioners has been developed in accordance with Regulation 76 of the regulations and in particular in accordance with the fundamental public procurement principles of transparency and equal treatment. For the avoidance of doubt this means that the Commissioner has not adopted an open procedure, framework (as defined in the Regulations) for the undertaking of this procurement process.

Contract Value (10 years)
Lot 1 = 23,961,600
Lot 2 = 26,624,000
Lot 3 = 8,736,000
Lot 4 = 5,928,000
TOTAL = 65,249,600

The Commissioner reserves the right to open a Lot or Lots and run an open competitive tendering process to replace existing Framework Service Provider due to failure/poor performance/material breaches etc. 

There will also be the option of opening up a Lot or Lots to add an additional Service Provider (or the highest ranked previously unsuccessful Bidder) where there are capacity issues within that Lot. 

The Commissioner reserves the right to add a Lot or Lots for additional service requirements and run an open competitive tendering process to award Bidders onto this Lot/s.

Contract Awards
The Contracting Authority may award individual Contracts through a ‘Matching’ process.

The Contracting Authority may award specific Contracts by direct award where appropriate.

Number of Successful Providers
Bidders are invited to bid for any number of Lots and there is no limit on the number of Lots Bidders can be successful in. 

Each Bidder will be ranked according to the number of points they have scored in the evaluation process for each Lot they have bid for.

There is no minimum or maximum number of Providers that may be successful in each Lot. The number of successful Bidders for each Lot will be dependent on the number of Providers required to meet the bed capacity requirements for each Local Authority in that particular Lot. Where a Local Authority area has their bed capacity requirement met, no more Bidders can be successful for that Local Authority in that particular Lot, no matter how high they are ranked.

Tenderers must meet the minimum requirements of the main suitability questionnaire as detailed in Section 4.3 of the Tender Document.

How to apply
Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.

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