Orthodontic Services in Oxford, Thame, Eastleigh and Dover to NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE/I) South East
Published date: 25 May 2022
Open opportunity – This means that the contract is currently active, and the buying department is looking for potential suppliers to fulfil the contract.

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Contract summary
• Orthodontic services – 85131100
Location of contract
South East
Value of contract
Procurement reference
Published date
25 May 2022
Closing date
6 July 2022
Closing time
Contract start date
1 April 2023
Contract end date
31 March 2032
Contract type
Service contract
Procedure type
Open procedure (above threshold)
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NHSE/I South East (the Commissioner) are seeking to recommission Level 2 and 3a NHS Orthodontic Services in the Oxford, Thame, Eastleigh and Dover areas. The Commissioner will be contracting for the services using the Standard clauses for a Personal Dental Services (PDS) agreement.

The contract term will be for an initial period of 7 years, with an option to extend for a further 2 years at the sole discretion of the Commissioner and is due to commence on 1st April 2023.

The Commissioner has a budget range available from a minimum of £60.28 to a maximum of £64.68 per Unit of Orthodontic Activity based on 21/22 prices. The maximum budget per annum for all Lots is £2,393,160. 

The procurement is split into 4 lots so as to provide maximum flexibility to both the Commissioner and Bidders and interested parties may bid for 1 or 2 lots. The Commissioners seek tender responses from providers who have the capability and capacity to undertake such a contract.

Orthodontics is the dental specialty concerned with facial growth, development of the dentition and occlusion, and the assessment, diagnosis, interception and treatment of malocclusions and facial irregularities.

The overall aim of the service is to provide equitable, accessible, high quality and cost effective specialist orthodontic services, in line with the National Guide for Commissioning Orthodontics 2015 and NHS PDS Agreements Regulations 2005.

Orthodontics is mainly provided for children and adolescents who meet the agreed criteria for NHS treatment and for adults where there is clinical justification and where prior approval has been agreed with the commissioner. 

The service includes:
• Assessment and treatment delivered according to each patient’s clinical needs, including interceptive treatment and in hours urgent care
• Treatment includes examination, taking of radiographs, diagnosis, preventative care, advice, planning of orthodontic treatment, supply and repair of orthodontic appliances including retainers for a period of 12 months following the completion of active orthodontic treatment
• Appropriate referral to other healthcare providers for mandatory or advanced mandatory services or any other appropriate and necessary healthcare
• Advice to the patient and other clinicians where appropriate

The contracts are limited to orthodontic treatment within complexity Level 2 and 3a and excludes all mandatory services and the following additional services; sedation and domiciliary services, minor oral surgery, dental public health services and orthodontic complexity level 1 and 3b cases.

Interested parties who wish to take part in the procurement are invited to take part in an Invitation to Tender (ITT) process, based on the open procedure and designed to identify the most economically advantageous tender and therefore determine the incoming provider.

All ITT responses must be returned by 12 noon on 6th July 2022 at the latest.

More information
·         https://in-tendhost.co.uk/scwcsu/aspx/Home
·         Bidding documents
·         E-Procurement System Link
Additional text
An early engagement market notice was published in relation to this procurement in March 2022, in order to facilitate early engagement with potential providers. This previous notice was an information gathering exercise rather than a call for competition in its own right. Although those who responded to that notice will be advised that this contract notice has been published, there will be no process exemptions or preferential treatment afforded to any parties who expressed an interest at that stage.

Interested parties can access the opportunity via the ‘current tenders’ list on the e-procurement system In-Tend, available on the following link: https://in-tendhost.co.uk/scwcsu/aspx/Home

In order to access the tender documentation and submit a bid, you will need to be registered on the system and ‘express an interest’ in the project, then complete a response as specified within the procurement documents.

On registration, please include at least two contacts to allow for access to the system in times of absence.

The services are healthcare services falling within Schedule 3 to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (“the Regulations”) which are not subject to the full regime of the Regulations, but is instead governed by the “Light Touch Regime” contained within Chapter 3, Section 7 of the Regulations (Regulations 74 to 77).

The tendering process will be conducted in accordance with the requirements and flexibilities provided by Articles 74 to 76 of the Directive, and Regulations 74 to 76 of the Regulations. The Authority will run a transparent tender process, treating all Bidders equally. For the avoidance of doubt, the Authority will not be bound by the Regulations or the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union or any other regulations or legislation except for the specific parts or circumstances that apply to the procurement of these Services. 

Neither the inclusion of a Bidder selection stage, nor the use of any language or terms found in the Directive or Regulations, nor the description of the procedure voluntarily adopted by the Authority (“Open”, “Restricted”, “Competitive Procedure with Negotiation”, “Competitive Dialogue” or any other description), nor any other indication, shall be taken to mean that the Authority intends to hold itself bound by the Directive or Regulations, save by the provisions applicable to services coming within the scope of Annex XIV of the Directive / Schedule 3 of the Regulations. 

The Contracting Authority intends to voluntarily observe the award decision notices provisions and 10 day standstill period described in Regulation 86 of the Regulations. Unsuccessful Bidders will receive scores and reasons for the decision, including the characteristics and relative advantages of the winning bid and the reasons why the Bidder/application was unsuccessful. Deadline for lodging of appeals should be in accordance with Regulation 87 and Regulation 91 of the Regulations.

How to apply
Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.

About the buyer
Contact name
Hannah Morley
NHS England and NHS Improvement South East, York House, 18-20 Massetts Road

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