Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) to cECS, CCSM and DRUMMER
Ministry of Defence
Published date: 27 February 2023
Open opportunity – This means that the contract is currently active, and the buying department is looking for potential suppliers to fulfil the contract.

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Contract summary
• Submarines – 35512000
Location of contract
Any region
Value of contract
Procurement reference
Published date
27 February 2023
Closing date
29 March 2023
Closing time
Contract start date
31 August 2023
Contract end date
31 August 2028
Contract type
Service contract
Procedure type
Other: Restricted Competitive Procedure
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Contract is suitable for VCSEs?

The External Communication System (ECS) on board platforms provide submarines with the ability to communicate with external authorities, military platforms, commercial vessels and its allies. Communications are essential to achieve operational objectives, maintain Command and Control and ensure safe, capable and sustainable systems to meet strategic objectives.

Expressions of Interests are sought from Potential Providers that have the capability to provide technical support to these systems and user’s 24hrs/365 days, along with the Receipt, Issue, Maintenance and Storage (RIMS) of communication equipment. In addition, you will be required to create managed networks with key suppliers, to allow external support, procurement and repairs in line with the security policy.

The contract is to be delivered in accordance with the Statement of Requirement (SOR) which will be issued as part of the Invitation to Tender (ITT).

The Contract duration is estimated to be for a period of 5 years.

Potential Providers are to note that in order to fulfil this requirement, the chosen supplier will be exposed to and required to safeguard nationally sensitive information/data bearing a security classification up to and including TOP SECRET UK EYES ONLY level.

The Authority therefore requires Potential Providers to have Provisional List X status to manage these security requirements throughout the entire supply chain by contract award date. Potential Providers who do not meet this minimum eligibility criteria will be sifted out during the Dynamic Pre-qualification Questionnaire (DPQQ) evaluation stage.

The use of the Contracting, Purchasing & Finance (CP&F) system is a mandatory requirement for this Contract, the Authority must be assured that you have the technical ability to trade electronically and connect to the CP&F system. If this assurance is not provided Potential Providers will be sifted out during the DPQQ evaluation stage.

The Authority requires Potential Providers to comply with the Mandatory Selection Criterion for the Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme as set out within DPQQ Part 1: Form E. Failure to comply will lead to Potential Providers being sifted out at the DPQQ evaluation stage. The cyber risk assessment for this project is rated as ‘high’.

In relation to Health and Safety the Authority will exclude Potential Bidders that are unable to confirm their organisation has a Health and Safety policy that complies with current legislative requirements and Potential Bidders that have been in receipt of enforcement/remedial action orders unless the bidder can demonstrate to the Authority’s satisfaction that appropriate remedial action has been taken to prevent future occurrences or breaches.

The Authority will use a weighted scoring system with a minimum pass mark of 60%, further details are included within the ‘Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) to cECS, CCSM and DRUMMER DPQQ Potential Provider Guidance'. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 Bidders

More information
·         Link to DPQQ
·         Link to eSourcing Portal

How to apply
Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.

About the buyer
MOD Abbey Wood, #3111, Ash 1B/C
BS34 8JH


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