A professional bid management partner which owns every aspect of the bid process, from initial strategy to final submission.

For us Bid Management is about creating a successful bid, not just project managing a submission. Our progressive Bid Management methodology has grown through thousands of projects over a decade of work winning. This makes an expert partner capable of owning every aspect of the bid process, from initial strategy to final handover.

Each bid management project is resourced with a suitable team of experts, drawn from our multi-skilled in-house workforce. Through our graduate programme and professional CPD we’ve created a truly unique practice which has the depth to take on any challenge. Our service has been independently rated in the top 10 Business & IT Consulting Agencies (out of almost 800) in the UK on Trustpilot.

Bid Managers can be mobilised within 24hrs to begin analysing documents and planning your bid; which ensures we make the most of the time provided by the buyer. From there we can work out a package of support which meets your needs. This process can be undertaken wholly remotely, with digital collaboration tools ensuring you remain at the centre of the project.

Our auditable review cycle provides you with assurance of strict quality control throughout the process. With an 83% win rate over more than 2000 tenders, we know our bid management process and approach works rather well. However, that doesn’t stop us continually researching and investing in new best practice for the future.

Undeniably Great Service

β€œβ€œIt was an undeniable bid Trevor”, were the words I heard when we had our first mobilisation meeting for a new construction project.
Tenders UK were new to us. Our experience with them has been very positive and different – I wasn’t expecting to have our policies audited for compliance, my Human Resources team questioned about retention, nor our values questioned.
When my team read the first draft I could see the relevance. Not just answering the questions, we went above the Scope of the Works, delivered efficiencies and outcomes.
Now with confidence, we halted recruitment of a BDM and have apportioned most of that cost towards a tendering budget for 12 months.”

If you need to make your bid undeniable then please get in touch.