Every great bid tells a story about how a unique problem will be solved. How do you figure out what that story needs to be? Weโ€™ll take you beyond the specification.

For us, bid strategy is the fun part of the bid. Itโ€™s when we look beyond the tender documents to really understand what this commissioner needs. By following those threads and gradually unpicking the tender, we can weave it into something truly compelling.

After all, offering an โ€˜averageโ€™ service or product is easy. Most people rely on their compliance and pricing to get them the contract, rather than thinking about what this contract means for the buyer or their stakeholders. Commissioners are human beings with all the drives and desires that come with that. A bid strategy that talks directly to those needs rather than just listing features always leads to a better outcome.

Our skilled bid consultants know how to review public policy, undertake semiotic analysis, and use freedom of information requests (where time permits) to uncover the drivers behind each procurement exercise. By getting under the skin of the buying team, we can then work with you to define a winning strategy.

Strategy isnโ€™t just about the offer you make in your tender: itโ€™s about the words you use to describe that offer, the shape of your answers, the colour palette you use in your graphicsโ€ฆitโ€™s everything.

Strategy is the reason our bids are always unique, and our clients are usually winners.

Another Tender Another Success

“Tenders UK seemed to really understand us and what our unique selling points were. They listened and advised along the whole process of the tender completion. They understood our area of expertise and provided thoughtful strategic guidance and brought operational experience of the market.
Listening to us, they guided us to explain how we operate. They brought examples that we ourselves have overlooked to strengthen the response with real evidence to support the bid.”

Our bid strategy workshops explore the ideas behind your business, and help you create something special. If youโ€™d like to experience this first hand, contact us.