More than just a tender writer. Working with us places you at the heart of a team of Bid Managers, Strategists, Writers and Evaluators; all 100% focused on your success.

Working remotely, we have written over 2000 tenders in collaboration with our clients. More than four out of five have been successful. We know how to help you win, even when word count is tight.

(See what we did there?)

Tender writing is making a promise about the future – you’re describing how the buyer will experience the contract for years to come. Your business has to keep that promise, so it’s essential that you trust the people writing it.  Our whole business is designed around that trust.

When you instruct Tenders-UK to provide a tender writing service you’re unlocking access to one of the best bid teams in the country, and entering our world where your win is the sole focus. You’ll always be supported by a dedicated tender writing team. That will include a personal Bid Manager overseeing a group of our Strategists, Tender Writers and Evaluators.

Virtual working is business as usual for us. For the last decade we’ve invested in the technology and skills necessary to make sure you feel at the centre of the project; with your voice in every answer and your eyes on every draft.

There’s so much more to winning a bid than just setting out a compliant offer. Drawing on over a decade of winning experience, our support typically includes:

  • Win Strategy development
  • Co-conceiving the best solution
  • Structuring and scoping the required response
  • Interviewing your team and suppliers to capture content
  • Writing compelling, well-evidenced responses
  • Reviewing and challenging your proposition from the buyer’s perspective
  • Help with those pesky portals

Working with our tender writing service will be intense, educational, and rewarding. We will not let you submit anything less than your strongest bid, because we’re determined to see you win.

A great team effort !!

“Working with you all has been an absolute pleasure and we have also learnt so much. From the way in which you handled the process, to how you extracted the information through the calls (and were very patient with us, especially when we got frustrated – the Risk question comes to mind !!) and then articulating it so well on paper.
It is always nerve racking when you hand such a lot of responsibility to a partner, as you have to trust that it will hit your expectations. In this case you surpassed it. The quality of your written work was outstanding and really brought our ideas and words to life.”

This is what we do. Please get in touch if you need us.