Written communication is a fundamental skill in modern business, but nobody teaches us how to do it properly in business.
3Mind Writing® changes that.

Ineffective writing prevents us influencing the behaviour of colleagues or customers, and stops us being heard and understood in an increasingly content-rich environment. Whereas effective communication comes from understanding your reader, and having the skill to use your writing to reach them.

Our 3Mind Writing® Model has grown out of our successful bid writing business, where a relentless focus on the impact of every word is crucial. This has been combined with academic research into how written communication skills develop; creating a programme which can teach anyone how to use the written word to achieve their goals. Unlike most courses in ‘copywriting’ or ‘business communication’, we won’t just tell you what to do, we will make sure you actually learn how to do it well.

Each communications training course is designed to take the learner through between three and nine PLAN-DO-REFLECT-MODIFY cycles. Our research has shown that a minimum of three cycles is necessary to embed comprehension, and by nine cycles over 95% of people establish competence. Just like learning to drive a car, you can’t go from zero to winning races or passing your test after one lesson: but by analysing your writing we can set a course which builds your competence in effective writing.

We have delivered training courses on-site and virtually for over a decade; from classroom sessions around the country to one-to-one expert coaching on specific projects. Using video conferencing tools such as Teams and Zoom enables us to reach your team wherever they are, facilitating peer learning experiences for a globally distributed workforce.

Learners from a recent in-house communications training course delivered to a broad mix of roles (from C-suite to front-line service delivery) shared the following feedback about the session:

“I liked the interactive aspects and group work (and I usually don’t) and the knowledge the trainer had.”
“[I liked the] responsiveness to individual questions, sharing experience and the safe environment”
“It was highly engaging, and the facilitator had a sense of humour. I learnt so much from his experience and approach.”

By definition, the ability of most people in business to communicate effectively, is average. Through a decade of practice and research we have uncovered a way to build the neural networks people need to become effective written communicators in 9 learning exercises.

If you would like to transform your people from average to good written communicators in two weeks, then please contact us.