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This 3Mind Writing® course is designed for people within the Charity Sector that provide services to Public Sector organisations.

This is a unique online training course.  Unlike traditional e-learning this programme takes learners through nine deliberate reflective practice learning cycles.  As such, at the end of the course, your competence to write tender responses will have improved dramatically.

Who is the course designed for?

It is aimed at all grades of people, from Administrator to Chief Executive.  Even experienced Bid Managers and Writers will benefit tremendously from the programme.

Your time commitment

The course is not for the faint-hearted.  It will require at least 40 hours of your time to complete the exercises and reflective practice activities. You can try to cram the programme into 1 week, however we would suggest you take it more slowly, doing 1 or 2 lessons each week.


If you fully engage with the programme and the reflective practice activities, you will transform your ability to not just write tender responses, but any form of persuasive proposal.

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Once you have signed up, start by following the ‘Introduction and Course Overview’ link below where you’ll find a full explanation of how the course works.

Money Back Guarantee

If after completion of the Introduction and first two lessons, you decide, for whatever reason, you do not wish to continue with the course, we will cancel your subscription and provide a full refund.


Course Content


  1. Recruitment and Training – I had a couple of months break from the course. I felt like I was starting to get it but coming back today and seeing the examples, made me realise how mine was just absolute waffle! I will have to go through my old modules again before looking at the next one

    • Hi Michael. Nice to see you getting back into it. Absolute waffle… I like these words. So clear. They demonstrate you are already starting to build your capability… you can SEE when things are not as they should be.

  2. Lesson 8 common challenges focuses on social value. Work which an organisation may take for granted as being their bread and butter is definitely worth re-iterating in the purpose statement for social value. My own organisation is a social enterprise based in a densely populated region with over 40 years providing core services such as housing, home care, sheltered living and employability support to urban communities within the top 10% of national income deprivation. It was only reading the ‘marked up’ version that this really occurred to me as a selling point as it’s something that we ‘just do’.

  3. Cognitive biases: I felt that I had made good efforts to take account of cognitive biases and enjoyed writing with these in mind. However on reflection my response also needed more details and evidence as to the flow of complaints and concerns through the system, don’t forget the basics!

  4. Writing components: Liked the concept in one example of making the sub-headings really stand out with a statement that went beyond the buyers expectations i.e ‘Training and developing greatness’ rather than just ‘training and development’ . I thought this was a really good touch.

  5. Purpose and Close:
    I will definitely try looking at the balance between detail and answering the question. A strong tendency is to just try and put as much information in an answer which sometimes leads you away from actually answering the question asked.

    • Hi Michael. This is the challenge with all responses, working out what to include and leave out. As you observe, start with what the question is asking. Think “If I were the buyer why would I have asked this question? what would I be looking for? You will find this helps to keep focus on what your then write.

  6. Purpose and close: I really liked the concept of colour coding the draft answer according to how it met the buyers requirements in the question. A really useful tool I will take forward with me.

  7. Understanding The Reader:
    I really feel out of my depth when I read the examples AFTER I have written my submissions! I still really don’t have a clear focus on who I am writing as and the level of detail I need to include :/

    • Hi Michael. This is a natural response. Whether you are an experienced Bid Writer or novice, this course challenges you. The reflection examples were written by our team and whilst we tried to break them a bit, clearly we did not go far enough. You are doing really rather well. Persevere and you will get there.

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