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This 3Mind Writing® course is designed for people within the Charity Sector that provide services to Public Sector organisations.

This is a unique online training course.  Unlike traditional e-learning this programme takes learners through nine deliberate reflective practice learning cycles.  As such, at the end of the course, your competence to write tender responses will have improved dramatically.

Who is the course designed for?

It is aimed at all grades of people, from Administrator to Chief Executive.  Even experienced Bid Managers and Writers will benefit tremendously from the programme.

Your time commitment

The course is not for the faint-hearted.  It will require at least 40 hours of your time to complete the exercises and reflective practice activities. You can try to cram the programme into 1 week, however we would suggest you take it more slowly, doing 1 or 2 lessons each week.


If you fully engage with the programme and the reflective practice activities, you will transform your ability to not just write tender responses, but any form of persuasive proposal.

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Once you have signed up, start by following the ‘Introduction and Course Overview’ link below where you’ll find a full explanation of how the course works.

Money Back Guarantee

If after completion of the Introduction and first two lessons, you decide, for whatever reason, you do not wish to continue with the course, we will cancel your subscription and provide a full refund.


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  1. That was an amazing course, thanks a lot! I really enjoyed the level of detail in each assignment and the pace of the course. It works well having two different people do the intro and the final thoughts as well.

    Improvement wise, I found it a bit tricky to navigate through the course at first. For example, I didn’t realise you had to click on the title of the assignment before clicking onto the assignment so missed Chris Stories vs Logic intro at first.

  2. My main takeaway from Assignment 8 is to remember to frame things for the reader. For example, I talked about recruiting 3 apprentices every six months, but didn’t frame this in comparison to the number of paid Care Workers we have. So, it could have been 3 in a thousand, or 3 in ten. By framing responses this way I’ll be able to present a more powerful argument to the buyer.

  3. My main takeaway from assignment 7 is to always review my work and make sure it’s focusing on the human aspect of our service, as well as processes and procedures. Having thought I’d done a good job with this, once I’d listened to Steve’s comments and read the other examples, I realised I could have added more detail about the difference we make to the individual.

    If I’d had the Service User in mind when I was structuring and reviewing my answer, I’d have been able to create a more heartfelt, compelling argument.

  4. My main takeaway from Assignment 6 is the importance of reviewing every sentence and making sure it means something, removing it if it doesn’t.

    Once I reviewed my work with this in mind I found quite a few sentences that weren’t adding anything to the argument and just taking up word count. By removing these my argument became stronger and more concise.

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