Supportive coaching and guidance for your team to help increase your chance of winning.

Sometimes you have the time and resource to write your bid, but you still need to find that winning edge. Our Critical Friend approach gives you a dedicated expert coach who can help your writing team go from Writing to Winning.

Whether youโ€™re a corporate bid team, or a specialist SME, we will bring enthusiasm and new ideas to your bid. Our fresh perspective, combined with a deep knowledge of bidding, means we can consistently find new opportunities to improve your tender. This support can include:

  • Analysis of ITT documents to work out what is expected
  • Help asking the right clarification questions
  • Research to define a winning strategy
  • Production of โ€˜structuresโ€™ for your answers
  • Coaching and guidance on how to respond to each question in the tender
  • Evaluating your bid from the buyerโ€™s perspective
  • A calm, experienced partner during upload and submission

Engaging us as a critical friend is a great way to benchmark your capability with current best practice in the tendering market. Itโ€™s also a way of connecting meaningful individual training to a tangible contract outcome.

Go-To People for Winning Tenders

โ€œWe are an SME and recently worked with Tenders-UK on a ยฃ36M Ministry of Defence contract. Following a conversation with them we opted for an evaluation service, giving the fact we had expertise to write internally, and we were confident about our own bid writing capabilities. The support was fantastic. After we submitted our drafts, they evaluated all 100 pages of response, providing a substantial amount of review comments, and changes required. The extent of the evaluation meant we had to rewrite and redraft around a third of our entire bid.
Last week we were awarded the contract, securing 100% on Quality – ahead of large plc bidders. I have no doubt in my mind that Tenders-UK had a significant impact and influence over our perfect Quality score. We will definitely be using them again in the future to support our own internal bidding processes.โ€

For a trusted review of your bid, please get in touch.