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Fit To Bid?

Are you considering bidding for public sector contracts but are worried about your chances of being successful? Our fit to bid service could be ideal for you.

Initial free consultation
Talk to one of our Bid Managers and they will help explain the following:

  • The key pre-requisites for bidding for public sector contracts
  • How the process works
  • The type of time and investment you will need to make to be successful.

If you decide that the public sector is the way forward, they can then provide you with the help you will need to get ready to bid.

The Fit to Bid process initially involves your Bid Manager making a detailed review of your company's policies and procedures.

They will then be benchmarked against sector best practice to identify any areas that need to be improved. They can then help you to update or create the policies you need to meet the required standards.

We will then review past tender opportunities to identify which contracts were published in the last 12 months that would have been relevant to you to give you a clear picture of the typical type and amount of opportunities that exist in your field.

We will then help you register on the relevant free tender notice portals to ensure you are notified of new opportunities that are published.

Your Bid Manager will also review who currently supplies the type of services you propose and provide you with a list of these companies that you can contact with regards to any sub-contract supply opportunities, alternatively we can make these initial contacts for you.

If you have ambitions to supply the public sector we can show you what is involved and help you get there, just get in touch and we can start the ball rolling.

Fit To Bid FAQs

Why tender writers should have stock policies in place

In bid writing, there are always questions which we can come to expect as a matter of course. These include the basics for bid writers, such as requests for a company history, organisational structures and financial information, and then more detailed requests for information surrounding policies and procedures. Most bids these days, particularly across the Public sector, are extremely hot on subjects such as equality, health and safety, the environment and quality management.


The bid writers’ guide to compliance checklists

Mention the words ‘compliance checklist’ to the majority of bid writers and you’re likely to be met with a series of sighs and groans.

No-one actively seeks out this peculiarly soul-destroying administrative task for pleasure, but a great checklist in place can make the difference between winning and losing any given bid. Also known as the compliance requirements list, or requirements checklist, this document forms the foundation of your response as it works out how points will be allocated by the evaluator, and keeps your bid writing on target for a successful outcome.


What should bid writers do to prepare for a tender?

There are many things which organised bid writers can do prior to the receipt of a bid, in order to ensure that all the necessary provisions are in place when the RFP lands, to produce a compliant document within what are often tight deadlines. The preparation stage for any new bid is an important part of the overall process, giving proposal writers the opportunity to implement measures for the effective running of the bid writing process, and freeing up space to focus upon writing when the document actually lands in their inbox.


Things to do before you start writing

Tendering for public sector contracts is conducted according to a set process, hopefully supported by a knowledgeable bid manager and a robust bid management system. However, tender writers have varying levels of support depending upon the company which they are writing on behalf of, and even the most talented tender writer can find that there is insufficient pre-work done when a bid document lands on their desk to be completed.


The benefits of bid writing for the public sector

The public sector spends a huge amount each year and is always looking for new suppliers. This is great news for organisations looking to increase their customer base and generate further revenue through the pursual of public sector opportunities. No matter what size your organisation is, it’s definitely worth trying to win bids within this sector, as there are a wealth of opportunities if you develop a compelling document.


The bid writer’s guide to reading between the lines

Whenever a proposal writer approaches an ITT or RFP, there are usually three different elements to fill out. The first is the process of offering unsolicited information about the company bidding, to give a great overview of the proposed solution. The second is the response to specific questions within the document, which need to be answered compliantly. The third is the unspoken, but perhaps the most important aspect of any tender writing response – the questions which are unstated, but written between the lines for the proposal writer to discover.


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