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Grant Funding

There is currently a positive plethora of Grant Funding available to support projects for research, social cohesion and community betterment amongst many others. At Tenders-UK we have an outstanding track record of winning funds for our clients' projects, including TSB 'Smart' grants (formerly GRD), European Integration Funding, European Framework Programme, Big Lottery and Erasmus Mundus.

Our approach somewhat breaks the mold for grant applications; rather than rely upon the unique aspect of a given concept, or the quality of the bidder or consortium to 'speak for itself', our approach is to develop our proposals based upon the 'argument' for funding. We look to identify the need for the project and develop the rationale for funding in terms of the impact a successful project will have on these needs.

While National and European funding 'Win Rates' are typically 15-18% depending on the fund, ours is 75% across all funds and programmes.

It is an approach that has delivered substantial wins for our clients who range from major Not For Profit Organisations including the British Council and TWI, to a number of Small and Medium sized companies keen to drive business growth through innovation.

Some of our successful projects are linked below:

If you are interested in winning grant funding competitions then please contact us.

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