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Grant Writing

When writing grant proposals, as with any other form of proposition document, it is important to effectively convey to the funder, that what you are proposing fits their funding requirements, that you are likely to achieve a good outcome and that you are a suitably qualified organisation to deliver the project.

There are four key steps in the process:

  • Read the grant prospectus document. 
Read any policy documents referenced in it. Now re-read the grant prospectus or call for proposals text. Talk to the funding body.
  • Understand what the funding is for and why it is being provided. 
Combine your reading and conversation to identify what the funding organisation wants to fund and why.
  • Explain how your proposal aligns with the call. 
Specifically use language used by the funder and explain clearly how what you propose to do will support the call.
  • Evidence your arguments. Provide proof in terms of references to external publications or letters of support from users that your argument is sound and that there is real need.

Writing Grant Proposals - How Can We Help?
If you are not sure where to start, want someone to check your ideas or need additional resources to help write the application for you, then please contact us and see how we can help write the grant proposal that will secure the funding that you need.

Grant Writing FAQs

Bid writing for fundraising requests

Bidding for funding can be a bit of a minefield for those new to the industry. Whereas conventional bids are usually undertaken at the request of the customer, many fundraising requests are unsolicited, placing the requestor in the difficult position of encroaching on their potential benefactor, and removing the mutual process of bidding and evaluating bids.


A proposal writers tip for grant proposal writing

A growing number of organisations request that potential grant recipients send through an enquiry letter prior to receiving an invitation to submit a full proposal. For proposal writers who are unfamiliar with this process, it can be difficult to know exactly what is expected of them, and how to go about drafting a compelling and engaging letter which will lead to an invitation for proposal submittal.


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