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Proposal Graphic Design

Create and maintain your company profile

Professional proposal graphic design creates an immediately positive impression with a buyer before they have even read a word. Whilst the opportunities for design in public sector tenders can be limited, the importance of a consistent appearance to your document and any diagrams, charts or attachments is essential and goes a long way in reinforcing a coherent approach to your proposal.

Our designers work with Adobe Creative Suite to create stylish proposal documents that effectively ensure the key proposal messages are conveyed even to the busy skim reader.

In addition to proposal graphic design, we can create bespoke Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates for your daily use that will help ensure your corporate identity is maintained by all of your staff.

If this is something that we can help you with, please contact us.

Graphic Design FAQs

The psychology of colour

Why using colour can greatly enhance your bid.
If you have ever worked in a bid evaluation capacity, you’ll understand the appeal of a well-written and well-constructed proposal. Think back to a time when you have been faced with a choice of documents to pick up and evaluate. Let’s say that one is beautifully presented, with an outstanding cover sheet, perfectly bound and using eye-catching colours and a superb design. The other document is neat, with row upon row of grey text.


Enhance your tender response

Bid writers who come to the tender writing task blind can feel overwhelmed initially, as they come to terms with all the background information needed to furnish them with a sound understanding of the proposition. The company they are working for needs to provide a great overview of the culture, products and services on offer before getting down to the serious stuff of scoping the offer, and this can be difficult in organisations which lack a general introduction to who they are, and what they do.


A guide to using images in your tender documents

If a picture speaks a thousand words, the use of images in bids can save a lot of time and effort for tender writers looking to express solutions succinctly. However, there is often confusion about exactly how to deploy graphics successfully within a tender document, and most tender writing shies away from exploiting the power of imagery to answer questions within an ITT or RFP compliantly.


Optimising brand mirroring in your tender proposals

If you think about all the brands which you encounter in any given day, it’s not surprising that we sometimes feel as if we are being bombarded with marketing material. A simple saunter to the supermarket can leave the average brain fuddled with images and slogans, with a host of companies all trying to sell something different to the average potential consumer.


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