3Mind Writing® – Online Tender Writing Training

Our training has always been great. Candidates consistently describe it with words like intense, thoughtful, and fun. But until 2020 we could only give you that experience in a classroom, either physical or virtual.

With the support of Innovate UK, we’ve now been able to do ground-breaking research into how to get that same learning experience through independent elearning.

This is not the usual ‘talking head video and a quiz’ elearning you might be familiar with…

It’s new.

This has the same depth and deliberation that you get from great facilitated sessions. Each lesson will push you into the kind of deliberate reflective practice that creates genuine experts.

The results are worth it.

Every delegate in our trial programme scored over 90% on their final knowledge and confidence assessments. Here’s what they had to say about the course:

“a transformational experience which I’ll never forget”

“the lessons learnt will help in funding bids, tender bids and report writing as the framework and learning is very transferable.”

“I have learnt so much – I never knew that there could be so much theory to a 400-word answer.”

We are in the process of developing a range of sector specific online tender writing training courses. Details of the Charity Sector and Building & Grounds Maintenance courses can be found by clicking the links below:

For those who have completed the relevant Foundation course above, we’re going to create Master Class modules to deep dive into a specific process or skill within tendering. These will include:

  • Document Review and Markup*
  • Win Strategy Development*
  • Response Structuring*
  • Subject Matter Expert Awareness*
  • Response Evaluation*

If you would like to know more then please get in touch.

*course currently in development

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