Online Tender Writing Training

Once upon a time there was a tender writing firm that was really rather good at what they did.

Every day they delivered tender writing coaching to in company teams, with outstanding results. The problem was the facilitated, deliberate reflective practice coaching programme was too expensive for individuals to buy.

Until one day, they discovered research that suggested deliberate reflective practice, could be facilitated in an asynchronous online learning environment, with a combination of cartoon video, gamification and peer chat.

Because of that, they made an application to Innovate UK for R&D funding to see if it could be done. Their project was funded.

Because of that, they ran a 3-month intensive action research programme with one of their Charity Sector clients. The programme worked. All delegates scored over 90% on their final knowledge and confidence assessment. Delegate comments included:

“a transformational experience which I’ll never forget”

“the lessons learnt will help in funding bids, tender bids and report writing as the framework and learning is very transferable.”

“I have learnt so much – I never knew that there could be so much theory to a 400-word answer.”

And because of that. they started a programme to develop a commercial online virtual learning programme for the Charity Sector. Until finally the course was finished and available. View course here

Over the coming months we will be adding the following online tender writing training courses:

  • Building and Grounds Maintenance
  • Social Care
  • Professional Service (Accounting, Legal & Consultancy)
  • Catering

As well as Master Class modules on:

  • Document Review and Markup
  • Win Strategy Development
  • Response Structuring
  • Subject Matter Expert Awareness
  • Response Evaluation

If you would like to know more then please get in touch.