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3Mind™ Bid & Tender Training

Our training courses are designed to elicit excellence from your team, because anything less will not prepare you to win. Our expert trainers will build your confidence and capability using our proprietary 3Mind writing method. This model is based upon academic research into how written communication skills develop; this has been further enhanced through our learning from thousands of successful bids.

Practical application and business impact are critically important during our learning process, and so each course is designed to take each learner through between three and nine PLAN-DO-REFLECT-MODIFY cycles. Our research has shown that a minimum of three cycles is necessary to embed comprehension, and by nine cycles over 95% of users have established competence.

We have delivered training courses on-site and virtually for over a decade; from classroom sessions around the country to one-to-one expert coaching on specific projects. Using video conferencing tools such as Teams and Zoom enables us to reach your team wherever they are, facilitating peer learning experiences for a globally distributed workforce.

All programmes have clearly defined learning outcomes, and always use real examples of bid materials from your company. Courses available include:

  • Preparing for Public Sector Bids
  • Bid & Tender Writing Masterclass
  • Live Bid Coaching
  • Evaluation Panel Training
  • Sales Proposal Writing

Typically for physical classroom sessions we recommend 8-12 learners per cohort, and for virtual sessions we will work with you to design mutually supportive groups which support peer learning and feedback. With virtual meeting tools and our team of over 20 facilitators there are few limits to the scale of cohort we can support.

A Charity Chief Executive Officer recently said this about our Tendering Masterclass in February ‘20:

This was an excellent course – highly relevant to guiding bidders to maximise their opportunity to win a tender. Solid logic and process steps, great examples and learning points. The delivery was highly professional, engaging and encouraged strong and important participation. This course is a must if your organisation is serious about winning tenders.

To find out more about our learning offer and how we can support your team, call us on 01664 498910 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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