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Below are just a few of the comment we have received from our clients (Alphabetical by Industry Sector). In a world of mediocrity we strive for excellence in the quality of the work we produce and the experience our clients have of working with us.

Building Maintenance Tenders
"We are a small family-run firm who have been operating in the same region with the same clients for many years. We were recently faced with the daunting task of tendering for the work from our biggest client, one we've been working with for seventeen years.
On receiving and reviewing the PQQ documents, we decided we could use some assistance! Having helped us get through the PQQ and been invited to tender, Tenders-UK really came into their own. They didn't just write responses to the questions for us, but helped us to formulate our pitch for the contract. This meant we weren't just ticking boxes, but communicating a really strong message for why we were the right organisation for the contract. We have since been awarded the contract. There's no doubt in my mind Tenders-UK played a key role in us retaining the work that was so important to us."

Neil Fearon, Owner, Fearon Builders

"On behalf of the team at Zeras I would like to thank you for the excellent work you have put in to our tender submission for Scotland Excel Asbestos Removal Framework. We have all learnt a lot from the exercise and we will carry that experience with us for future tenders and may well call on you again in the future – this time better prepared to compile our submission! Thanks once again for all your help and guidance."

Michael McGrath, Partner, Zeras Industries

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tenders-UK and their team have assisted our company with several tenders. Their attention to detail and dedication is remarkable. They work tirelessly and with passion. I cannot fault them. Their support, wisdom and expertise is invaluable."

Adriana Bothwell, Finance Director, RNB Engineering

Business Services Tenders
"I have been working with Tenders UK for the last four tenders my organisation applied for. I was pleased with the professional, friendly and efficient service offered to me. I found the staff member I worked with to be available, friendly, competent and down to earth. Things that weren't clear were explained to me and I felt able to ask any questions or put forward any queries I had. I would gladly recommend Tenders UK for organisations needing this service."

Parisa Zadeh, Accounts Manager, One Stop Language Services Ltd

"We approached Tenders-UK to assist us with qualifying to tender for a national recruitment framework. We have been impressed with their approach and professionalism and have already passed the preliminary stages of our applications. We would recommend Tenders-UK to any organisation wanting an informed and proficient service in their tender activities."

Dean Covill, Director, Medicare First

"Highly recommended. I owe a debt of gratitude to Tenders-UK who helped us through the whole tender process. They provided out of normal working hours, great advice and excellent hands-on support in helping us with a very important tender. Most importantly, we now have a far better understanding of how to tender and now have better documentation and most importantly better success."

Amna Khan, Managing Director, E World UK LTD, t/a Safe PC Disposal

"Being the dynamic individuals we are at Under My Roof Ltd we felt we were more than capable of putting a PQQ together and then the ITT. How hard can it be? So we did just that and submitted our PQQ, being a current provider for this contract we felt as though it’d be a fore gone conclusion, how wrong we were! We were scored on the PQQ and we were 12th out of the 16 organisations that were invited to tender, not what we expected.
Having scraped through the PQQ by the skin of our teeth we decided that we had little choice if we wanted this contract, to get some professional help and its unquestionably the best decision we have ever made!

Not only did we win one of the three contracts that were on offer we were top of the quality scoring - not by a little bit - but 12% in front of our second placed competitor. Whilst there was very little difference in prices across the top five tenderers it was the quality score that won us our contract and that is unquestionably down to Tenders-UK and whilst the information came from us they constructed a very robust and as it turned out the winning tender.
Would we recommend Tenders Uk? Without a moment’s hesitation. We will not be going to tender again without these people by our side. Quite simply we wouldn’t have got it without them. If you’re reading this considering who you might choose to write your tender for you then look no further. I can’t say they’re the best because I haven’t used the services of the other tender writers out there and I never will. These guys did a fantastic job for us, professional, organised, personable, thorough, resourceful our loyalty is assured.
Thank you"

Andrew Hubbard, Managing Director, Under My Roof Ltd

Cleaning Services Tenders
"Tenders-UK have been a pleasure to deal with, nothing was too much trouble and they made sure we covered all the bases. We were particularly surprised by the quality, quantity and depth of the content they created. We now understand what they were saying in the sales process. Highly recommended and will be using them from now on."

Andy Cole, Director, ICP Cleaning Services

Construction Tenders

"I am writing to express my appreciation for the support that you have given us in our bid writing over the last few months.

We sometimes struggle to free up our technical guys to spend the time that is necessary to write bids, so engaging you has meant that not only can our technical staff concentrate on servicing our clients and earning fees, but we can produce higher quality bids. Instead of trying to fit in writing an entire bid round their 'day job' and often producing a bid that doesn't do our company justice, your involvement allows our technical staff to focus on those parts of the bid where their specialist knowledge is required. The fact that they can often be interviewed by you instead of having to write it themselves is also a big advantage to all concerned.

Your ability to view the bid objectively and your knack of being able to draw out of our staff relevant pieces of information that they might not have included, add a lot of value to our bids. Our success on the bids you have been involved with speaks for itself.

I look forward to working with you in the months ahead and to further success in many bids to come!"

Aileen McEwan, Group Marketing and Communications Director, Currie & Brown


"We are a small organisation who cannot warrant the expense of retaining employees with the sole purpose of tender preparation. As a result when tenders are released on a completely unpredictable timetable, other duties are ignored and balls dropped to complete documents within the tight timeframes set out in the tender process. During our short relationship, Tenders-UKs friendly, informed and diligent staff has taken the stress out of the preparation of tender documents, leaving our staff free to carry out their normal roles within the organisation. It has been a liberating experience for us to use Tenders-UK and we hope that we find future success through working in partnership."

Hugh McFall, Managing Director, Tullyraine Quarries

"We recently contracted the services of Tenders-UK to support us with a peak in our tender writing workload. Initially we felt slightly uncomfortable with their "non-corporate" way of working but very quickly we saw the benefit of their approach – more time doing, less time talking! Their responsiveness and the quality of content produced was first class, particularly when the timescales and deadlines became very tight; nothing seemed to phase them. The results were fantastic; we won 3/4 of the tenders they wrote for us... Highly recommended."

Antony Scott, Head of Business Development, Dyno-Rod

"Can I take the opportunity to thank you and the team for all of the work involved in producing this submission, particularly given the late stage in which it was handed to you. The end results are excellent and I think we have a very good opportunity of being successful thanks to your involvement."

Mark Denman, Managing Director, T.Denman and Sons Ltd

Debt Collection Tenders
"We are absolutely delighted with the output from Tenders-UK, the standard of work produced is nothing short of excellent."

Frank Hanafin, Director, Fredrickson International

Education Grants
" Tenders-UK harnessed our enthusiasm and channelled the thinking on what was required to be fully compliant. Tenders-UK penned insight illustrations and concise description of what our experience meant in terms of our ability to successfully undertake this contract.
Tenders-UK's objectivity and clarity in understanding the process was crucial in making out proposal watertight. They tactfully coached the best responses from us to reflect our vision."

Charles Welsh, Executive Head teacher, Gardners Lane and Oakwood Federation

IT Tenders
"Just to let you know our tender went out on time today. This was a complicated tender on several fronts (I won't go into it all) but we did partner with another company, with which your bid manager also had to engage. It is fair to say that I have had feedback from everyone that he engaged with and it was all very positive. Indeed the company that we partnered with does have its own substantial bid department, and I gather they were also impressed with the level of detail, knowledge and professionalism shown, I do not believe this bid would have happened without his input."

Antony Pass, International Business Development Manager, H2OSatellite


"Tenders-UK worked closely with Avian in the creation of a recent Government tender for Digital Services. They took time to find out about our business, developed our Win Strategy, helped us to structure our tender response and also made some key recommendations that will have a long term impact on the development of our business. Tenders-UK also helped us to develop an innovative pricing model that allows us to punch above our weight when competing against companies much larger than ourselves. The outcome was a competitive tender document that presented compelling reasons for Avian to be selected, and which described our capabilities in impressive terms. Many thanks once again for all your help and look forward to working with you again soon."

Paul Sykes, Managing Director, Avian Communications Limited


"We recently asked Tenders-UK to help us prepare a PQQ submission which entailed tuning and refining our responses to produce the highest quality document which truly emphasised the abilities of UKN Group. Our aim was to produce a robust, fully compliant and well-tuned response, which would also develop our ability to write improved bids in the future. They not only advised us on the structure of our response, giving detailed, insightful feedback on our first draft, but also ensured that those responsible for writing the content kept the focus on the benefits and value delivered to our clients.

One of the best aspects of  the Tenders-UK service was to challenge and change our perception of what is required in writing a strong response to a bid, promoting a greater awareness of our challenges and capabilities in that area.

Our experience with Tenders-UK has been entirely positive, and exceeded our expectations. They were always totally professional and honestly critical, whilst at the same time extremely easy to deal with. They responded promptly, ensuring we had everything completed in time to meet a challenging deadline.

We would highly recommend Tenders-UK to any business which needs to increase their chances of successful bids in the tendering process."

Patricia Neighbour, Marketing Manager, UKN Group Limited

Legal Tenders
"We engaged Tenders-UK to help us redefine our approach to tendering and to deliver training to help us write winning bids. From the outset we found them professional, engaged and knowledgeable. They collaborated with us to analyse our current practice, creating a, more robust bid process which included several tools and techniques they use to produce winning bids. We approved the draft bid book without change – essentially, they got it right first time.

They then designed a bespoke two-day course for us, based on our new bid process and on analysis of previous bids. We’d approved the course outline, but the day before the course we received an ITT and asked them to use it in the course. We were not expecting much, but the trainer and our consultant completely re-wrote the course around the new ITT the night before. We were very impressed, and very pleased.

Everyone rated the course content and trainers as excellent, and their experience was obvious. We all felt the course would have a significant impact on how we approach tenders in the future, but to embed the learning and enhance our skills we fully intend to work with Tenders-UK on a number of future bids."

Graham Sweeney, Operations Director, Schofield Sweeney
(Specialist commercial law firm)

MoD Tenders
"Since we've been working with Tenders-UK on our MoD Tenders, they have brought a whole new level of rigour and strategic thought to our responses. The first step is always making sure we are compliant with the often complex submission requirements. After that though, Tenders-UK really come into their own, helping us to consider carefully what key needs and issues are prevalent and how we can respond to these effectively.
Tenders-UK have had a huge impact on how we tender and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to win more work in this way."

Nick Baines, Commercial Director, Ramco


"We are an Israeli-based company and when faced with the challenge of completing a UK MoD tender, we decided we could use some help! We found Tenders-UK and from the first conversation they filled us with confidence that they would be able to assist.
Their experience of MoD tenders meant they were able to cut through the sheer volume of information we were facing, and explain clearly what was required of us. They were on hand throughout the process to answer all our questions and were responsive, helpful and engaging from start to finish.
Tenders-UK clearly understand how to approach tendering for work from the MoD, and there is no doubt that their help was instrumental in helping us win the work."

Ilan Wilf, VP Sales. PRS Mediterranean Ltd


"When faced with the long and intensive process of tendering for a forthcoming contract, we contacted Tenders-UK and we were impressed from the first telephone conversation and felt sure that they could assist us with our bid. The technical requirements stipulated were complicated and had to be written in line with how our companies operate and after our first meeting with Tenders UK, we were satisfied that they were right for the job.

Tenders UK researched our company and gained a thorough understanding of how we operate. This allowed them to write a professional response which reflected every aspect required and demonstrated how we would carry out the contract.

This was the first time that we have outsourced assistance for tender writing and on submission of the final documents, we were fully satisfied that we were providing the best tender response possible. For that reason alone, we would highly recommend Tenders UK to any company looking to submit professional bids."

Jonathan Wilson, Director, UKDOCKS

NHS Tenders

"I only have good things to say about Tenders UK.
We had our own personal Bid Manager, our main point of contact, who worked very closely with us throughout the procurement process providing support and guidance every step of the way. We have been very happy to use their services on a number of Public Sector PQQs & Tenders with a recent evaluation score of 98.6%.

The company have been good to deal with and attentive to our requirements, and I would recommend them as a provider to any other business looking to submit a tender with a difference. We see nothing but a very long relationship between Medserve & Tenders-UK."

Amy Ackerman, Head of Sales & Marketing, Medserve (RPP) Limited


"Tenders-UK proved to be an invaluable partner for us in gaining our tender award. They guided us through the entire process and spent as much time as was needed to ensure our response achieved the highest score of all respondents. Without doubt a very worthwhile investment!"

Best Regards, Jim Skinner, Financial Controller, Nobel Biocare U.K. Ltd


“Bridge To Life previously worked with the NHSBT, and were given the opportunity to compete for the subsequent tender. We engaged with Tenders UK to guide us through this venture that was new to us, and from the outset they provided an insightful and knowledgeable approach to how we should construct our bid and the information that was required. With this support we were able to collate all the required information, and without their guidance this would not have been achieved within the set timescale. We appreciate their systematic approach to achieving the end result and look forward working with them again in the future."

Tom Keller, COO, Bridge to Life Ltd


"Having written and been successful in several tenders, I felt my practice had a good working knowledge of business processes and good governance. Tenders-UK challenged my pre-conceived ideas in a professional and friendly manner and enabled me to really think about the service being tendered for and our solution. I think their input has been invaluable in creating a thoughtful, detailed tender response which thoroughly answers the questions raised by the tender and also prompted much deliberation about operational issues at the practice. Their analysis of our tender was completed on time and on price and I would thoroughly recommend their services."

Dr Yusuf Shamsee, Director of Clinical Services, Oaklands Health Centre

"Tenders-UK are an enthusiastic and creative supplier who have been generous with their ideas and time. They are obviously very committed to their area of expertise and have really given us some great tools to use when working on tendering for new business but also in thinking about service design and delivery improvements, and working constructively with commissioners."

Sue McGuire, Assistant Director for Business Development,
NHS Knowsley Integrated Providers Services


“Tenders-UK provides a professional service that goes beyond just writing the documents; really appreciated the regular contact and updates, successfully delivering a polished finished article”

Anna Hargrave, Divisional General Manager – Project Lead for Unscheduled Care
City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust


"My partner and I needed to secure an NHS contract for dentistry in Torbay, South Devon. We had no previous experience and so knew we must engage the services of a professional. We were contacted by Tenders-UK and felt straight away, that we had indeed chosen well. They guided us through the procedure from the Pre Qualifying stage, the Invitation to Tender stage right through to helping us prepare for Presentation, offering invaluable advice over many issues. It was obvious we were in the hands of a very experienced and professional team, who knew precisely how to approach the bid. The bid was a total success, which was secured against 10 other bidders, including Corporates and Europeans. We were later informed by our PCT lead, that our bid was so superior to others, it was felt unnecessary to hold a presentation, which is apparently normal procedure. We owe the success of our bid to Tenders-UK and their most professional and approachable team. I cannot recommend them highly enough and should we chose to bid for contracts again, would not hesitate to engage them."

Nick Shearman, Partner, Harbourway Dental Surgery

Printing Tenders
"Having worked with Tenders-UK on a number of tenders we have been delighted with the standard of work achieved. Their attention to detail in answering the questions and the background information they research and merge into the text ensures we continue using them rather than attempt it ourselves. They save us valuable time and have created a detailed knowledge bank on our company that most employees would struggle to grasp. Their knowledge of the tendering process is incredibly deep and they support you through the whole process from beginning to end."

Phil Jones, Managing Director, Duffield Printers

"We were extremely impressed with the speed of response and service provided by Tenders-UK. They kept in contact throughout their bid writing and their level of questioning and attention to detail gave us confidence we had put our business in the hands of experts. We took a late decision to contract out the tender writing due to work pressures which meant there was not really enough time to complete the tender. However Tenders-UK pulled out all the stops working late and weekends to ensure a highly professional document was still produced. A level of customer service and commitment we rarely see today and we would happily recommend them."

Anthony Harrison, Director, Radclyffe Culross & Sproston

"Tenders-UK have been a very useful resource in assisting us with public sector tender submissions. They have the expertise that we cannot afford to employ on a full time basis so it works out well for us. We have found them to be very knowledgeable and professional, pulling out all the stops to work whatever hours are required to get the job done on time."

Julia Stirland, Director, Stirland Paterson

Professional Services Tenders
"Tenders-UK's input really did make a difference to our tender. Their inquisitiveness and calm, structured approach allowed us to really look at what was required rather than just try to improve on what we had thought originally. This objective view, together with insight, humour and experience meant we ended up in a far better position than would have otherwise been the case. We will certainly be asking for their help again."

Kevin Taylor, Managing Director, Vivvid Ltd, Inspired Performance

"Our tender submissions have improved greatly since we started working with Tenders-UK. They listen carefully to our needs and give us constructive comments and guidance."

Marianne McAvenna, Marketing Manager, bto solicitors

"Their expert knowledge has been invaluable throughout the entire process. They worked to incredibly tight deadlines and always came back to our team with intelligent thoughts and proposals. The team at Tenders-UK have been a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate in working with them again on the next tender nor in recommending them"

Debbie Jackson, Head of New Business, Clarion Communications (PR)

Social Care Tenders

"We got it!!!!! Yipppeee.  Confirmation that we have won the Advice Tender.

Thank you all so much for your support throughout.  We could not have won it, without your valued and professional support, which I really appreciate, and to Joe, thanks as your support continues and is ongoing.
Thank you Kirsty for providing the support and engaging Tenders UK. Thank you Bruce and Sophie for your consultation, feedback and support.
God bless."

Maxcine Akinsowon, Senior Advisor/Advice & Advocacy Manager

 "I was contacted by Tenders UK the day that I registered my interest for a particular tender.

On first contact with them, I found them to be courteous, knowledgeable, and confident, I decided there and then that Tenders UK were the company that I wanted to work for us. It was a very tight deadline for the amount of information that was required, and I was unsure if they would be able to meet the deadline, but they did, and with time to spare.

I have not been disappointed with any aspect of their work.

Conference phone calls were arranged to gather information and were always made on time.
E- mails were responded to - always on the same day and we were kept informed every step of the way. The final written document was outstanding. We are waiting to hear if we have been successful, but with the quality of the work produced, I am certain we will have got the buyers attention.

Thank you to all the team."

D. L. Waters, Domicilliary Care Manager, Roche Healthcare Ltd


"Prior to 2011, 360 Healthcare worked in only Durham and Gateshead. Overall in the last 12 months and with your assistance we now work in 11 other Local Authority areas, and Turnover has the potential to increase now, times five."

David Johnson, Managing Director, 360 Healthcare Limited

"I could not believe the amount of time you guys spent working on the proposal. I know you said you would but most firms say this sort of thing when they are trying to sell to you, very few actually then follow through. The final document was really excellent and no doubt the reason we were successful. Many thanks, keep up the good work and we look forward to working with you again".

Jeb Singh, Operations Manager, Universal Care Services

"I am writing to thank you for helping us to get this tender ready for submission on the 21st of May, specially in light of the short notice you were given. With your help Abbey Homecare were able to submit a well-presented and professional tender to N E Lincolnshire NHS Care Trust Plus. I was particularly impressed with your attention to detail and in the way you asked us all the right questions to make us rethink our answers and the supporting documents to ensure the Returns Documentation gave the correct impression. The contents of the method statements were very well compiled and I believe presented the issues and message we wished to get across extremely well. The quality and presentation of the final work was very professional and we would not hesitate to recommend Tenders-UK to others."

Nisha Driver, Director, Abbey Homecare

"We have recently completed a successful tender process with the support of Tenders-UK. Their approach of having a separate Bid Manager and Writer worked very well and we felt we were in safe hands with the right people doing the right jobs. Not only did we get a winning document but the worry of the whole process was taken off our shoulders. Great people, highly recommend them"

Heather Burt, Director, Croeso Care Ltd

Third Sector Tenders
"After many successful years of tender writing, something was just not working anymore. It had become a laborious and painful drudge! The support, expertise and enthusiasm for the process from Tenders-UK has helped me refocus my approach and fall back in love with writing winning bids."

Lorraine McGrath, Assistant Director, Places for People Scotland

"The Tenders-UK approach to training is inclusive, enabling and thorough. Time was taken to find out about the organisation, analyse the learning and development needs within the Business Development team and to implement some key tools that will have a lasting, positive effect on business development for NYAS going forward. These include tools to aid the project planning of a tender, establish the real needs of the commissioner and to ensure method statements are fully responded to. The training delivered will have a long lasting impact upon the organisation."

Claire Hyde, Assistant Chief Executive, National Youth Advocacy Service

"Excellent learner-centred methodology. It will be enormously helpful in taking our tender management process to the next level."

Pankaj Anand, International Planned Parenthood Federati

We engaged Tenders-UK to deliver a one day workshop on writing grant applications, both to help us write successful applications and to pass on that knowledge to other voluntary and community groups. The course was jointly delivered by a trainer and our account manager, and they certainly knew their stuff. Delegates were asked about their own experience, and the challenges they faced, and the trainers used that information to steer the direction of the course.

The booklet they produced for us and the training they provided was fantastic, and there was a good balance between giving information and practical exercises. Delegates found the course very helpful and insightful, and felt they could make good use of the writing techniques they were taught. They now feel equipped with the skills to support communities in writing small bids and local grants.

The Tenders-UK course more than achieved our objectives, and we would be very happy to work with them again should the opportunity arise. We have no reservations in recommending them to others.

Nick Clarke, Head of Public Health, Locality Development Norfolk County Council

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